Why you should book an overnight fishing trip

The dream light tackle fishing trip to the south South Pearl Islands Archipelago has an overnight component.


The spots between the southern Pacific islands and their proximity to the underwater nutrient-rich continental shelf put Panama on the world fishing map. Deep-sea trolling for pelagics like billfish, Mahi Mahi, and wahoo are top in this area. However, this is not the only fishing technique this area offers, with the tremendous coastal fishing available for popper and jigging lovers.

overnight fishing

For fishing, there are several techniques; trolling is the most common, but our professional fishing guides and gears are always ready for the most demanding anglers and to attend to the demand of all angler’s interests.

Why Pearl Islands?

The Pearl islands is a dream fishing destination, together with the massive amount of secret spots on our chart plotter with coastal ridges meeting the water for great popper action. On the other hand, underwater structure and stip drops made this an amazing option for jigging.
Not to mention that cubera snapper, grouper, roosterfish, Corvina, Triggerfish, amberjack, tuna, and many others make this a top-of-the-line trip!

overnight fishing
The cruise from Panama City to the beginning of the Pearl Islands is 35 nautical miles, around an hour and a half cruising speed. However, another 40 nautical miles are required to reach the south-end islands, which are exposed to the open Pacific Ocean.

The ideal charter is a multiday trip covering as many spots as possible. Evidently, each area has a unique species to be targeted. Accommodations for overnight stays can be done on board if you choose a liveaboard yacht. Or there are several accommodations on different islands as your cruise goes by.

The Pearl Islands Archipelago is a magical place. Take advantage of the crystal clear waters and white sand beaches surrounded by healthy coral reefs, ideal for taking a break from fishing.
Contact our sales representative to get the best out of your fishing trip!

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