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A perfect choice for all budgets, our power boats are ideal for fishing, spending a day at the beach and having a BBQ while enjoying a cold beer.

If what you want is to fish, we have all the professional fishing gear and expert crew in these seas; if, on the other hand you want a day at the beach on a paradise island, our boats are equipped with powerful sound systems and a lot of fun; and if you want to go with both options, go ahead! Just contact us, we’ll take care of the rest.

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Caitlin Barnes | Trip Advisor Review | Panama Gem Charters

The highlight of our Panama trip!

This was the highlight of our week in Panama! What an incredible experience. We had bad weather on the day we scheduled but Miguel suggested we could reschedule to a different day and it worked out much better. We caught 3 fish and made ceviche with one of them and then cooked the other one on an island we stopped at. So delicious. I loved that we could personalize the experience—we wanted to spend most of the day fishing so Miguel took us to a few spots, but if we wanted to go snorkeling or stop at other islands he was game for that as well. Highly recommend!!

Caitlin Barnes

trip advisor review | Panama Gem Charters

Don’t miss this adventure!

We went out with friends for a day trip and all my husband wanted was to catch a fish- he had been so excited when we told him we had chartered a boat for the day!Miguel (our captain)and his assistant were fantastic- friendly, knowledgeable, courteous, efficient and so pleasant to be around.We had some rain but even that couldn’t ruin the fantastic day we had! While we were cruising we happened to come upon a school of dolphins feeding off a school of sardines. Can I say WOW?!!! It was incredible!!! Not just one or two but a whole school of dolphin swimming and jumping around our boat!!!My hubby caught a jackfish (hope that is the correct term) and was super thrilled. The jackfish was filleted right on the boat and served with soy wasabi and tiger milk- so yummy and fresh!!! Don’t miss this experience!!! It’s a once-in-a-lifetime adventure…


Google Review | Panama Gem Charters

Google Review

Hands down best experience while visiting, the crew members were super friendly I even forgot my documents and they worked everything out and man were they Knowledgeable of the island and all the monuments we learned so much. Not to mention we caught huge fish including Mahi I hope I’m saying it right lol, the trip was awesome can’t wait to visit again

Tsushima Marshall

Bay Tour | Review | Panama Gem Charters

The best gift

We celebrated the birthday of one of my children and, as he described it, “the best gift.”Captain Miguel and his crew, super attentive, were the perfect complement so that our cruise through our beautiful bay would be memorable …Tremendous experience; we recommend 💯 Panama Gem Charters👏👏

Marta Gisela de de Gracia

Justine | Trip Advisor Review | Panama Gem Charters

Great trip to Taboga!

We had a great day out on the boat, everyone was very knowledgeable and professional! The tour was awesome and we even got to do some fishing.

Justine A

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