Panama Bay Tour

Panama Bay Tour

During the Panama Bay Tour, you get to experience the beauty of Panama’s Pacific coast during this 2-hour or 4-hour cruise. The tour starts next to the first set of locks on the Panama Canal’s Pacific side.

The Panama Canal is considered one of the Wonders of modern engineering. As you leave the port area and prepare to pass under the bridge of the Americas, appreciate the PostPanaMax mega container carrier ships in operation. So, if you were looking for a mix of Canal and Bay tours, this is the right choice.

It is also a good choice if you want to know more about the Panama Canal without doing the transit.

Enjoy the unique views of Panama City from the bay.

On the way to the open sea, you will navigate next to the Causeway of Amador with its marinas on one side and the Panama Canal buoys marking the shipping lanes on the other. This part of the tour can take around 1 hour. From here, you head to the Bay.

You can choose between a sunset or night cruise depending on your departure time. Above all, you’ll enjoy the City skyline views and even throw the fishing lines while cruising the Bay. You could also go for a quick stop at Taboga Island. It is a great destination for a quick fishing getaway.

Bay Tour Activity Details:

  • 4 hours tour (possibility to purchase additional hour)
  • Included: Full ice, juices, beer, Gatorade, bottled waters
  • BBQ set
  • Fishing gear
  • snorkeling gear
  • Licensed and bilingual Crew
  • Docking fees
  • Excluded: Meals (We recommend the local restaurants which have delicious traditional Panamanian food). Catering service available.

Because of its biodiversity, the Bay has been designated a Ramsar Site since 2003. This means it is a protected area, especially because it is an important bird stop. It is estimated that around one or two million birds migrate and settle over the area for a season every year.

This Panama City Tour is a unique way to enjoy the beautiful panoramic views of the skyline.

All our charters have a certified crew and are equipped for fishing. The tour also includes courtesy drinks. Additionally, you could ask for extra personalized services. Please let our sales agent know what you require so we can provide it before your departure.

Why choose Gem Charters for your Panama Bay Private Tour?

Trust Gem Charters to curate an experience seamlessly combining luxury, safety, and Panama Bay’s panoramic vistas enchantment. Our commitment is to offer you top-notch customer service reflected in every aspect of our Panama Bay Tours and Sunset Cruises.

When you choose Gem, your safety takes precedence without compromising the allure of the journey. Our expert bilingual crew ensures a secure and enjoyable maritime adventure. We want you to bask in the stunning beauty of the Panamanian coastline or witness a breathtaking sunset with absolute peace of mind. Our crew also knows all the best fishing spots around the bay, so you are guaranteed to have a good time.

Choose Gem Charters for an experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Safety, fun, and enchanting beauty coexist harmoniously on the Pacific waters. Be ready to fully enjoy our Panama yacht adventure’s day tours like no other. We look forward to having you on board real soon!

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