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Panama Canal Tour

The Panama Canal, in addition to being a commercial maritime route of supreme importance, is also a touristic jewel in Panama. We know that not everyone has the same availability of time for long transits. This is why we offer three different options so you can enjoy this spectacular monument.

Option 1

Panama Bay Tour (2 or 4 hours)

Experience the beauty of Panama’s Pacific coast during this 2-hour or 4-hour Bay Tour. Starting right next to the first set of locks of the Panama Canal Pacific side. This tour option does not include a Panama Canal transit. But you will see it from up close and learn about the Panama Canal operations while you enjoy majestic views of the Panama Bay and the city skyline. In additon, you can go fishing around the bay.

Option 2

Private charter for partial transit (5 to 6 hours approx.) Miraflores locks

It is the favorite since it is the most centric spot, has easy access, and has great transport combinations.

The tour starts at Miraflores Locks, where the ship ascends a total of 18 meters in two stages, leaving the Pacific waters behind.

Then you go through the Miraflores Lake, which separates the two locks on the Pacific side of the Canal until you reach the Pedro Miguel Locks. At this time, the ship ascends 9 meters.

The tour continues sailing through the 13.7km of Gaillard Cut (Corte Culebra) until the ship reaches the Gamboa transit zone. This is where the passengers disembark and board the bus that will take them back to the marina where the ship sailed from.

Option 3

Private charter for Complete transit (8 to 8.5 hours approx.)

The Panama Canal’s full transit goes from the Pacific to the Atlantic side. However, you can always do it the other way around through a special request. Afterwards, you will pass under the Centenario Bridge. Consequently, we go through the Miraflores, and Pedro Miguel Locks, and we cruise the Gatún Lake. At this point, we cross the Gatún Locks, which are the last and biggest locks of the Panama Canal.

The Sailing time in both cases is chosen by the Panama Maritime Authority. Also, you should keep in mind that all bookings have to be made at least 15 days prior to the transit.

The Panama Canal has worked constantly 24/7 since 1963, and it awaits your visit.

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