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Welcome aboard!

The Proline 27′ SuperSport edition is what you imagine when you are speaking of comfort, versatility, and speed. It is one of the few vessels capable of combining them all. This boat is one of the most popular vessels from the GEM Charters fleet. Mainly because it comes with the luxuries of a mega yacht at an excellent price.

Among its accommodations, we can find an enclosed bathroom, fresh water shower, convertible Bimini top, powerful sound system, and top-of-the-line navigation electrical system.

It can reach the Pearl Islands Archipelago in less than one hour. The Proline is used for fishing, snorkeling, island hopping, surfing, and whale watching. It is the ideal vessel for a family outing, a day at the beach with friends, or a romantic cruise. The versatility and comfort of our Proline 27′ will amaze you!







Tours aboard the Proline

Tour 1

Panama Bay Tour | Half-day tours

Enjoy a 2-hour or 4-hour cruise around the Panama Bay and Panama Canal entrance area. A great option to enjoy the city skyline in a different way, perfect choice to spend the afternoons (to enjoy the sunset) or to have a fishing charter with less time.

Panama Bay Tour - Prices

Tour 2

Taboga Island and Surroundings | Half Day or Full day Tours

Choose between a 4-hour or 8 hour tour in Taboga Island, located at just 10 nautical miles (20 minutos) from Panama City. In this tour you get the opportunity to visit the picturesque fishing village in the “Island of Flowers” and enjoy fishing around in the surrounding area and the famous fishing spot known as the 20 fathom.

Tour a Taboga - Taboga Island Tours - Panama Gem Charters

Tour 3

Full day cruise to the Pearl Islands (8 hours)

Discover the wonderful Pearl Islands Archipelago, located 35 nautical miles (about an hour and a half from Panama City) and known for its incredible amount and diversity of marine species, considered one of the best places for fishing in the world.

Pearl Islands Tours - Tours a Las Perlas - Proline

Tour 4

Pearl Islands Extended Fishing Trip (10 hours)

With this extended fishing tour you will be targeting Panama’s Premier Fishing Destination: Southwest of the Pearl Islands (50+ miles, 300+ depth), with famous fishing hotspots as Niagara Rock, and Tres Pilas.

This Area hosts Panama’s best and biggest fishing Tournaments.

Pesca Deportiva en Panama | Sport Fishing Panama Proline

All the Tours aboard the Proline include

  • Deckhand
  • 2 Engines with 150 horsepowers
  • Yamaha 4-stroke Ultra Low Emission System (ecological)
  • Big Game fishing equipment
  • Fish finder
  • Snorkeling gear
  • fishing gear
  • Boogie board
  • Private bathroom
  • Water tank with shower
  • Live Baitwell
  • Cooler for supplies
  • 2 coolers for fish
  • BBQ unit
  • Ice and beverages (water, juice, gatorade, beers)

Why choose the Proline 27′?

Firstly, this boat provides an exhilarating experience, allowing passengers to traverse the water with agility and speed. This is particularly appealing for those seeking a thrilling and dynamic ride. Additionally, it provides an element of adventure to the overall experience. The ability to cover distances quickly also opens up opportunities to explore various parts of Panama Bay efficiently. This makes the Proline 27′ an ideal choice for those who want to maximize their time and see more within a limited timeframe.

Furthermore, the Proline’s versatility is well-suited for intimate gatherings or small groups. It offers a more personalized experience than larger vessels. The compact size allows for access to secluded coves, hidden beaches, and shallow areas that might be off-limits to larger boats. Hence offering a unique and private exploration of the surroundings.

It’s not all about the speed.

Offering the perfect blend of speed and comfort. This vessel ensures a thrilling journey through the stunning destinations of the Pacific Ocean. With the power to swiftly navigate the waters, you’ll effortlessly reach picturesque spots like Panama Bay, Taboga Island, and the Pearl Islands. The Proline 27′ is not just about speed—it’s a haven of comfort. Boasting spacious seating and a well-appointed deck for leisurely relaxation.

Indulge your passion for fishing with the Proline 27′s exceptional capabilities. Always equipped with all the pro essentials for an exciting day of reeling in the catch of a lifetime. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a novice, our superb bilingual crew will ensure an enjoyable and safe fishing experience. With their expert guidance and the Proline 27’s prowess, you’re in for a maritime escapade that combines the thrill of speed and the luxury of comfort. All of this, and the excitement of fishing in the heart of the beautiful Panamanian Pacific. Book now with Gem Charters and let the Proline 27′ and let us redefine your expectations of a truly exhilarating and comfortable oceanic voyage! So, are you ready to try it?


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