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Book your trip for the 2024 Whale Watching Season


Between June to November, the Pacific Coast of Panama is the scenario of one of the great wonders of nature: the migration of humpback whales. In their path of more than 5,000 miles (8,000 km approx.) from the Arctic and Antarctica, they are looking for warm waters to mate, calve and raise their young.
Did you know that this is one of the longest migrations in the world? YES! And it’s also of the few migratory routes that cross the equator line. So it’s one of Mother Nature’s most extraordinary shows!
Live this unique experience in our special seasonal package of shared semi-private charter options or on a private boat charter.

Whale watching Tour Activity Details:

Full day (8 to 9 hours).


  • Guide with a hydrophone (upon request)
  • Professional fishing gear
  • All safety and First Aid kit
  • Packed ice, juices, beer, Gatorade, bottled waters
  • Snorkeling gear
  • Licensed Crew
  • Docking fees
  • Excluded: meals (stop at noon at Contadora island at the Pearl Islands where there’s a much-recommended variety of restaurants to choose from seafood and local Panamanian cuisine) (catering option available) .

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