Discover the wonderful Pearl Islands archipelago

Pearl Islands is internationally recognized for its diversity of marine wildlife and is considered one of the best sportfishing spots in the world. It is also a site for humpback-whale pairing and turtle nesting.

The Archipelago has more than 200 islands and islets, many of them inhabited. Every island offers a specialty of its own; some have better reefs to snorkel, and others have white sandy beaches. With the Pacific’s extreme tidal changes, many beaches come out exclusively at low tide.

Some recommended islands to visit are:

Contadora Island (the main island with some development), Chapera, Saboga, Bartolome, and Mogo Mogo (now very popular), among others. The main island, Contadora, offers many facilities, such as an airport, hotels, and restaurants. It even offers houses to rent, and you can prolong your stay if you want.

The Archipelago has an interesting history. Its name comes from the abundance of pearls in the area during the Spanish rule. The famous “Pilgrim” pearl was found in this area, owned by the Spanish King Philip II and later on by actress Elizabeth Taylor. Contadora was used by the Spanish conquistadors as a stop for doing an inventory of booty before returning to Spain. Hence the name (Contadora, which means to count or bookkeeper in Spanish). It was also the exile site of the Shah of Iran in 1979. In modern times, the Archipelago has become a popular location for several international editions of the reality “Survivor.”

Fishing in Pearl Islands

Additionally to visiting the islands, there are excellent fishing spots both within the Archipelago and on the way towards it at the open sea. An example is the famous Twenty Fathom trench. You’ll be targeting Dolphin fish (Mahi Mahi), Tuna (Tuna Bonita), Spanish mackerel, snapper, and Jack Crevalle, among others. At the islands, feel free to choose between various activities like whale watching (season from June to November), island hopping, snorkeling, or just cruising.

The 35 nautical mile cruise from Panama City, the first islands of the Pearl Islands, takes an hour and a half to two hours and a half, depending on the vessel.

Activity Details:

Full day (8 hours). Departure time selected by costumer, we recommend an early start.

  • Professional fishing gear
  • All safety and First Aid kit
  • Packed ice, juices, beer, Gatorade, bottled waters
  • Snorkeling gear
  • Licensed Crew (bilingual Crew available upon request)
  • Docking fees
  • Excluded: meals (stop at noon at Contadora island at the Pearl Islands where there’s a much-recommended variety of restaurants to choose from seafood and local Panamanian cuisine)

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Capacity up to 8 passengers

Enclosed Bathroom, marine sound system, freshwater shower, convertible shade

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Capacity up to 15 passengers

Enclosed bathroom, marine stereo, 2 comfortable lounge areas, 1 mini cabin

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Capacity up to 16 passengers

2 cabins, 2 bathrooms, A/C, complete galley and oplen Flybridge

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