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What is brighter than gem?

In GEM Charters, we ask this same question to our team regularly. Since we started questioning our employees, we haven’t received any satisfactory answer. Thus, we have taught our team to be as perfect as a gem. Years of complex pressures and resistance are needed to achieve the brilliance and absolute beauty resulting from the blackest of the rocks. While our team hasn’t spent centuries buried under the weight of the mountains, we know that to be as perfect as a gem is a challenge that requires all our effort and dedication to be the best at what we do.

In GEM Charters, we give everything we have to offer: The highest level of service we are proud to call the GEM Experience.

GEM’s fleet comprises yachts, sailboats, and fishing boats for trips and events. So as long as you want to enjoy the wonderful experience of being at sea with the attention of a team willing to meet your needs and desires, GEM is the right choice for you. Family outings, business meetings, leisure travel, fishing with friends, romantic escapes, or whatever you can imagine: all this and more we can organize for you, ensuring the highest level of care, the best prices, and without a doubt, an unforgettable experience.

Our fishing boats regularly operate in the Pacific Ocean. Rich in marine life, around the Pearls Islands archipelago, Taboga Island, or, if you are looking for bigger catches, the Piñas Bay and Hannibal Bank area. Our team will be responsible for providing you with everything you need for an exciting day of fishing, with all our knowledge at your service.

While luxury yachts can be found throughout Panama, by choosing our VIP service, the only concern that will cross your mind will be which cocktail you will have with your next meal. Our team on board, including a chef and a waiter, will handle all your requirements. So, dare to dream of perfection and live the GEM experience.

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