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Fishing tips for beginners

Have you considered fishing and cannot make up your mind yet? Our Captain is a fishing expert, we asked him what kind of advice or tips he would give someone on their first fishing trip, this is what he answered:

Patience is a virtue.

Between captains, we have a saying “there is nothing more impatient than a rookie fisherman” because beginners think the fish will bite from the moment you throw the line (which sometimes happens) but the general reality is that you have to wait, in fewer words: PATIENCE!

Ask about everything

Don’t be shy about asking how to use bait, lures, reels, or anything else, a fishing charter captain is a fishing guide. Take it as an excellent opportunity to learn as much as you can, each fisherman has their own techniques and they will enrich your knowledge.

Comfort is key

Wear comfortable clothes, a bathing suit, long sleeves, and sunglasses. Remember to bring another set of dry clothes for later.

Do not touch or pull the lines while trolling.

The trolling reels are set on the fishing rod holders and they work by themselves, they are only to be touched at the moment when a fish bites.

Tips to make sure you are in good hands

  • Verify that the captain is aware of the climate conditions and tides before departure.
  • It is also good that the captain has an action plan based on those conditions.
  • It is always a good sign that the boat has professional equipment, known brands (a good sonar), and the lures and hooks are in optimal conditions. NO RUST.

Sounds simple right? That’s because it is. Fishing is an activity meant to disconnect your mind from problems, enjoy your free time and just relax with family and friends. Do you dare to try it now?

The Gem Charters Crew are fishing experts, know the best fishing spots, and will assist you no matter your level of expertise. If you want to book your fishing trip, contact us through Whatasapp

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