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Differences of freshwater fishing and saltwater fishing

If you are interested in fishing but have not yet been able to decide between freshwater and saltwater fishing because you don’t know enough about the subject, we’ll tell you some of the differences so you can compare and decide which one you want to try.

The ocean has tide changes, the lake doesn’t.

The tidal changes are ideal to choose different areas and fishing styles to try. For example, a low tide will get you closer to the rocks at the bottom for live-bait fishing or jigging.

On the other hand, if the tide is rising, when it hits the walls and submarine tides will have the effect of an updraft current from the bottom of the sea, bringing up nutrients to the surface for trolling.

How to determine which are the fishing areas

At the lake, there are concentration areas in the tree shadows, something you don’t see at the ocean.

Out to sea, more birds are flying around in circles and diving, which is a fishing area indicator. Also, the ocean is marked by current lines with organic residue or light changes of color, which indicate a great variety of species in those areas. In salted waters, fishing is usually done along these current lines, which is how food and sea life are transported (like in Finding Nemo)


The sizes of the captures will vary widely, being ocean fish bigger. However, in the last few years, we have seen an influx of salted water species in the lakes, where you might find some mackerel in lakes, this combined with the equipment used at the lake, will make the fisherman have an unforgettable fight.


Freshwater fishing does not require special baits. Small fish, worms, and maybe some crawfish might work.

The type of bait used in the ocean can be way more varied, from anchovies, parts of fish, squids, or even live crabs. You can use artificial lures (squids, among others) when you do Trolling

About eating your catch

Saltwater fish are easier to debone since it’s common that they have a bigger bone structure than freshwater fish. This makes the preparation of ocean fish faster.

Lake fish and sea fish have a similar nutritional value, although freshwater fish tend to have more calcium and fatty acids than ocean fish.

Freshwater fish have a simpler taste, while saltwater fish tend to have a more “shellfish” taste.

The experience

Lake fishing tends to be a more relaxing, quiet practice. Basically, we throw the lines and wait for captures.

In the ocean, we try different fishing styles like jigging, popping, or trolling, and the boat moves way more, making it more exciting.

Anyway, fishing is fun. The real difference is the personal preference and style of the person who practices it. Which one do YOU prefer?

If you go with freshwater fishing, book your trip to Gatun Lake. If you rather go with saltwater fishing, book your offshore fishing trip here with plenty of destinations like Taboga or the different Islands of the Las Perlas Archipelago.

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