Rules & Guides of things you should never do on board of a charter

Traveling in a boat charter is one of the most relaxing and fun things to do. The contact with the sea, the disconnection of reality, and feeling the sun on your skin are just a small part of its appeal.

But, like with everything else, there are certain rules to follow to make the experience safe. This is a guide to things you should never try during a charter trip.

The DOs

  • The maritime community has a high level of courtesy; always gesture hello, and they will surely gesture it back.
  • Take care not to block the captain’s front view, especially if it’s a transited area by other vessels or near the shore.
  • If you would like to jump off the boat while it’s moving, you should always ask for permission before jumping into the water. The crew can tell you where it is safe to jump from and adjust the speed and direction so you will not come to harm.
  • If you are snorkeling with your group, don’t do it all at once; the crew is there to help, but it is more difficult to keep track of larger groups. And try not to snorkel too far away from the ship.
  • Do tip the crew if you feel the service exceeded your expectations.


  • Do not offer liquor to the captain; for security reasons, the crew should not consume alcohol while at work.
  • Do not attempt bow riding; this is an extremely dangerous practice that may cause death.
  • Do not throw the trash into the ocean. There should always be a trash bin on board that will be emptied at the end of the charter; if you do not know how to localize it, ask the crew. Let’s take care of our seas.
  • Do not harm the fauna. Be mindful, if you are in a fishing charter, only keep species that are not endangered, and try to fish only what you will use for consumption.
  • Do not use the Dingy without a member of the crew or guides.
  • Don’t be late for setting sail. In many cases, charter companies might be flexible with departure times, especially if they are private charters. However, in some cases, there might be another reservation after yours, or the departure time is linked to the tides, and they might have to stick to a certain schedule.
  • Do not disrespect the crew or the vessel. This is a rule of life: try always to be cordial.
  • Do not wear shoes on board. In most boats, you go around barefooted. This is because most ships have a non-slipping floor, and some kinds of shoes may actually make them slippery.

It is always a priority for us that your charter experience be pleasant. That is why we hope these guides will help you make it safe for everyone. Remember, your priority is having a great time.

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