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Did you know the beach can give you better employees?

Yes! A simple beach trip can give you better employees! Did you know that people who live near the coast report better physical and mental health?  And people with ocean views at home report feeling calmer than those who don’t?

Can the beach really do that?

We can give you plenty of reasons why you should go to the beach anyway… However, when companies treat their employees like they don’t have a personal life, it becomes a toxic environment for them, which hinders their productivity. According to Oxford, Happy workers are 13% more productive. So why not encourage them to go to the beach and relax? You can even offer it as an incentive.

Let’s keep in mind that when there is no balance between work and play, it tends to impact employees’ health negatively. From heart disease to weight gain, every employee needs a respite from work to maintain a wholesome life routine. And even having unlimited paid time off (PTO) is not necessarily enough to recharge your team’s energy. They have to feel like they can use that PTO and actually relax.

Happy employees offer an improved customer experience, which, according to Gallup, this can result in a 20% sales increase. In lame terms, boosting your workforce’s satisfaction will directly impact the positive outcomes for your company.

The beach can promote loyalty! According to a Clemson University study, employees rate trips at the top of all incentives, even over cash. What better way to motivate and show appreciation to your employees for what they value most? And making a group trip can develop bonds within the team. Who wouldn’t enjoy a friendlier work environment?

And just to top it all off, with healthier and more relaxed workers, you will have lower rates of absenteeism, which will definitely benefit your company. Isn’t that incentive enough to have a satisfied workforce?

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