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How to plan a boat party | Guide to plan your event charter

We all have important events to celebrate, such as birthdays, anniversaries, a wedding, or maybe a bachelor’s or bachelorette party. We can agree that these special dates go on to become treasured memories, so it is essential that they be perfect. Here’s where we come in! We want to guide you through a checklist of things you should consider while you plan a boat party.

The date

Figuring out the date is essential. Since it’s a boat ride, the weather and the tides will influence your trip, so check for them before booking your date.

It is also crucial to plan the amount of time the event will take. Is it during the daytime? at sunset? Would it be a dry party, maybe just cruising through the bay, or is there beach time involved? All of these points need to be defined so the event’s planning can be done accordingly.


Knowing in advance how much you have to spend will help you manage the overall plans, this will help you figure out how many people you can invite, the destination, and even the type of vessel you can afford.


The number of people you invite will determine what type of boat (size and capacity) you will need. While you make your guest list, you have to consider the age of the guests (is it a children’s birthday party or an adult event?). Verify ahead of time if some of them have a fear of the water, and be sure there might be someone who may experience motion sickness (We recommend you have some medicine on board to treat it). Also, keep in mind that renting a party boat is more expensive than a regular venue, so keep your guest list short and exclusive.

Invite your guests a minimum of a month in advance. This will give them the chance to clear their schedule or make sure they save the date. In any case, it is said that most parties only get 60% to 65% of attendees of the initial guest list, so keep that in mind, too.


Having a party on a boat is a lot of fun, but since the venue will be literally on the move, security measures are always in place. Every charter company will have its own rules, but there are things you should never do while on a charter. Keep in mind that if one of your guests gets sloppy drunk or jeopardizes their own safety or someone else’s, the party will be over, and the ship will return to port.

The Theme

Choosing a theme can help you determine what kind of party you will be hosting. Is it elegant or casual? Will there be dancing involved? Would you need inflatables?

Some tips for choosing a theme: look at the trends and spice it up, pick two colors for the theme, make it personal (relate it to something you really love), and when in doubt, tradition never fails. Choose decorations that are sea-friendly (non-toxic) because there is always a small chance that something might fall on the water.

The staff

When you plan a boat party with a professional charter service, they will likely let you have your own staff, but we highly recommend using the staff they regularly use since they also have professional servers, chefs, and a specialized crew that is properly trained and will know how to handle themselves in a boat, which will also help you prevent accidents.


There is a wide variety of entertainment you can have aboard. Some will be more relevant than others depending on the occasion, the theme, and the whole setting of the party. Keep in mind you could have karaoke, DJ, watersports, comedians, live music, fishing, clowns or even wine tasting, the options are infinite.

Catering Service

Ask your guests beforehand if they suffer from food allergies or intolerances before selecting a menu. Since you will be setting sail, the last thing you want is for your party to be ruined by someone having an allergic reaction. It is also a good policy to have special foods available  (keto, vegan, kosher, halal) to be respectful of other creeds and lifestyles. Make sure you have enough for everybody, especially if its a beach trip (the sun and swimming make everyone hungry and thirsty)

Be selective in the kind of drinks you will be serving, try to keep it simple, and avoid glass bottles.


Make a program of the day. This will help you track the activities and keep your guests entertained. The program will also ensure that you remember what you need for the day.

Make a playlist

Whether you plan to have a DJ or not, you should have a planned playlist. It should be mixed but according to the occasion. If you hire a DJ, the playlist will help them know what kind of music you prefer.

Party favors

If you want something to give your guest to remember the day, make it something useful. Sunscreen bottles with your event’s tag, towels with the date, personalized bags, thermos with a special message engraved, hats, or even can coolers with your theme.


If you are doing this kind of party, you will want to remember it. So hire a professional photographer to shoot the day. If you think it’s too impersonal or out of budget, you can also buy a few disposable waterproof cameras and have the guests help create the memories.

In Gem Charters, we have a whole team already at your disposal to organize and manage the preparations for any event. We work with the best event planners, chefs, and crew. If you would like to book your date or have any questions, send us a message

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