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A day in Las Perlas with the Gem Team

We were so excited to visit Las Perlas; some of us had never been there, and the enthusiasm had been palpable since we arrived at the port. Even before we left the car, the selfies started. We were ready to have some fun!

So it begins…

It was still early. We hopped on board, and Miguel (our Captain) immediately started telling us about the different kinds of ships that pass through the Canal; he shared details about how the Canal works and even some history, too (he is quite the storyteller).

We shared some snacks, some laughs, and some drinks. Yes, it was morning, but happy hour is all day when you are on vacation! We spotted some turtles along the way while Miguel explained about the different current lines (great for fishing). He even showed us how the marine GPS works, and without even knowing, we got to the Archipelago in a beat.

Island Hopping in Pearl Islands Archipelago

First, we visited Mogo Mogo Island, but we didn’t stay since there were several other people, and we were looking for a private space just to chill together. We proceeded to Chapera Island, where we spent some time enjoying the fresh, gentle waves with some drinks and music.

After a few hours, we moved on and went to Playa Larga on Contadora Island, where the aground boat (in the background) makes an excellent stage for taking pictures. The sand was white, and there were no waves! It is a wonderful place just to relax, which, of course, we did!

The Island also has stores, so we even went shopping for some supplies.

The tide was low, so the beach was shallow enough for us to stand next to the boat, and we were getting our drinks served right there while we enjoyed the sunshine and conversation.

The catering!

In the meantime, the grill was turned on, and OH MY GOD, the food! It was superb! Since we had a vegetarian with us, the grill was divided between veggie-friendly food and meats for the carnivores, but everything in it was delicious. We all ate like kings and queens.

Following the spectacular lunch we had, the captain took us to Bartolomé Island. It is an exceptional place, where there are seashells and broken coral bits all over the white sandy beach. There is also a rocky side, amazing for a little photoshoot or maybe just to get away, explore, and get a better view of the island.

After leaving Las Perlas, almost reaching the bay, of course, we did some fishing! It was also our first time, but with the crew guiding us, it was super easy and fun. We caught a few and stored them for eating later; dinner was going to be fresh!

On the way back, the sunset greeted us. The clouds, of course, played a big part in the whole scenario, and we did a little photo shoot of it.

This trip filled us with memories we will never forget. We shared so much laughter and joy that at the end of it all, we were a little sad it was over. Can’t wait for the next Gem Charter Adventure!

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