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5 apps recommended for fishing enthusiast

Fishing is a very popular recreational activity, and it’s spreading. If you have never tried it, be sure to check out our tips for beginners, however, if you already fish you probably are looking for ways to improve and to make the experience even more fun. We have some app recommendations that might help with that:

Anglers log – fishing journal

It’s a simple and useful app to journal and catalog your catches, while keeping track of the location, size, and bait used.
You can even share the info with your angler friends, showing off photos of your catches.

It’s free and you can give feedback to contribute to its development.

angles log - apps for fishing

Fish angler

It’s a crowdsourced tracking app (it’s like a fishing Waze) where people can report their catching spot marking them on the map to ensure other users can benefit from the info.
The app also has forecasts, so you will find the best times and spots to fish and better plan your trip.

Fish Angler has a personal log that acts like other social media apps, so your followers can share your logs. The best part is it’s free!

apps for fishing | fish angler
Fishing knots

Part of being on a boat is the art of tying knots, so this app works as a cheat sheet. It will show you how to tie knots with different types of lines.
It is free to use with advertisements, but if you want to remove the ads, you only have to pay $3.49.

fishing knots | apps for fishing


If you are a fan of saltwater fishing (like us), you have to download FishTrack. It offers up-to-date ocean currents and marine weather forecasts for deep sea fishing, with a view of your location both online and offline (which is great for when you lose signal).
You can see the waypoints to plan your routes and makes a easier return.

There is a free version, but they also offer a monthly subscription of $14.99 or yearly for $95.99 in case you need it.

fishtrack | apps for fishing

Pro Angler

It’s one of the great apps for fishing in saltwater.
You will get weekly reports released by local captains and it includes a solunar forecast that will show the best time for fishing according to the phase of the moon (since it affects the tides).

With its species identifier, you can take a picture and it will tell you what kind of fish it is and how to safely handle it.

It has a guide of local places (fishing charters, bait shops, and more). Pro Angler also has a section dedicated to showing you how to tie knots, and what lures and baits to use.

Last but not least, it has a feature for recipes to match your catch, it will also give you its nutritional value, so you will know exactly what you are eating. And guess what? It’s free.

apps for fishing - pro angler

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