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6 great ideas to propose in a boat charter

Looking for great ideas on how to propose? Look no further!

We know proposing is a big step, and you definitely want to go ALL OUT when we are talking about romance. Yes, picking the engagement ring usually takes all the attention, but the reality is that the way in which you propose is also very important.

The ocean has a weird effect on us. Just being around it relaxes and calms us, which is why it’s the perfect scenery for a proposal. It is a special moment, and you want to do it right because there are no do-overs when it comes to it.

Marriage proposals on a boat are not only romantic; they are classy. If you think you have found the right person, we will give you six marriage proposal ideas to make yours magical and surprise your partner.

The Brunch

You can plan a breakfast or lunch while cruising through the bay. The view will be spectacular, and the morning sunshine will make everything look fantastic if you choose a summer day.


The surprise party

Plan a party with any excuse. You can invite your whole family and friends without your significant other suspecting a thing. Beautiful interior decoration (rose petals are a big thing) will guarantee the most tender reaction when they come inside.


The cruise-by message

To pop the big question, you have to plan it. You could go for dinner at a restaurant near the coast; after having dinner, or while you’re walking through the pier (or close to the beach), a boat can cruise by with the message. Your partner can read it while you get on one knee. What a surprise!


The picnic

There are several uninhabited islands in Panama with beautiful scenery. Take a charter to some of the most incredible white sand beaches (we know many of them), set up a picnic with her favorite food so you can enjoy a nice meal together, maybe take a little walk on the beach, and pop the question.

Another idea to propose on the beach during your picnic is to write your proposal and hide the message in a bottle; while she reads the message, you take out the ring. Who could resist?

The sailing message

Take a sailboat, and maybe invite friends and family to make it more of a party. With drinks, share your love story, and when they hoist the sails, the message will display. Get on one knee and wait for the ocean magic to work.

The adventurous proposal

Say you will have a fun Sunday and that you want to plan it. Make a scavenger hunt where your loved one will find clues to find the outfit she’s supposed to wear that takes her to the salon to get her nails done (bonus points if you know which salon she regularly goes to) and finally to the pier, where she can find you on a boat with a ring box waiting for her.

Sunset Cruise

Cruise through the bay at sunset to add a more romantic touch to the evening. Prepare fireworks ashore and see the magic happen.

It doesn’t matter what you have in mind, only that you can create an unforgettable happy moment with that special someone and receive the excited YES!

If you are looking to propose, contact us.

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