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Things to do with kids at the beach

The beach is perfect for a family day, and everyone enjoys having a break once in a while. However, for families, especially the parents, it is vital to have different activities to do with the kids so they don’t get bored.

We are here to give you a hand or two! Look at these tips and be prepared to have the best day at the beach with your family. 

Best Shell competitions

See how many different colors, sizes, and types of shells you can find. Then, with the kids, you can make a contest for the most beautiful one!

Just remember the shells are part of the marine ecosystem, so once you are done with the contest, let’s put them back home!

Build sandcastles.

You only need a small plastic bucket and a shovel; your kids will be entertained by making sandcastles. It is one of the best things to do at the beach! Don’t forget the moat, and decorate your sandcastle with shells and stones.

Have a picnic.

All these fun things at the beach are exhausting, and you’ll need to recharge. So this is the best option; packing light and easy snacks is the most acceptable strategy while going to the beach with kids. You can give them all the snacks, and they can enjoy the view, which will be great for continuing the beach party. (Or if you are booking with us, ask for the catering service, you won’t regret it)

Spot the wildlife.

On your beach day, amazing things can happen, like watching dolphins, sea turtles, or even whales. So keep your eyes open and play with your kids, who can see more dolphins!

Play kickball.

The beach is a great place to play a kickball game because you have plenty of space to set out the play space, and it’s fun to run on the sand. You only need a ball and plenty of energy to run around. The white sandy beaches of Pearl Islands are an amazing destination for this.

Just don’t hit the ball into the sea!

Catch your prize.

Fishing for the little ones, I’m sure they will enjoy this activity. Always under the supervision of an adult, the joy of catching something is fantastic! Fishing gives them a sense of accomplishment and builds confidence. Also, they’d be learning a new skill that is always helpful and working out in the meantime. So prepare your kids and start the adventure now.

If you book a fishing trip for the family with Gem Charters, our certified crew will give them guidance and assist them every step of the way so they feel like tiny fishing pros.

Snorkeling time.

Grab some snorkeling goggles and dive into the water. Check all the fish you can find! *be careful going too deep. Afterward, you can have long conversations about what they saw and what they found interesting. Back at home, they can even Google what they couldn’t clearly identify or name during the snorkeling session. It’s an amazing learning experience and a way to bond the family.

Want to learn more about snorkeling? Here we have more info about it. WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT SNORKELING 

Have a BBQ.

Following safety precautions, you’ll be fine having a BBQ at the beach (not too close to any grass or foliage). Sausages and marshmallows (or s’mores) are the easiest to cook for a Beach BBQ.

Now, you are all set to spend the best beach day with your kids; we hope all these activities work, and let’s start making lasting memories! Remember, you can book your private charter with us.

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