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Animals and marine life you might get to see during your charter!

While sailing on our charters, you might see a glimpse of the various animals and marine life. Here we have little details about the different creatures you can find on your tour.

Don’t miss this chance to learn more about the experience!

Whales are a work of art

In Panama, humpback whales are famous for getting their head out of the water and showing their tails when diving.

Something curious about these whales is that this specie is one of the few that demonstrate this behavior of “Saying hi.” (By this, we mean taking the fins or tail out of the water).

So taking our whale-watching tour is the perfect opportunity to wave at them!

Friendly sea turtles

These giant turtles are very friendly; we can find them on our tour coming ashore. For the brave ones, we have snorkeling equipment so you can get a closer look at them.

These guys have a more plant-based diet and eat seagrass. So they help keep seagrass short, preventing it from getting tall and harming other marine creatures.

The photogenic one is the dolphin

These mammals are unique; we can find them in their natural habitat. They are used to traveling in packs, and when they want to impress, they start jumping, so get your camera ready for the perfect shot!

Did you know that one part of their brain remains alert and awake when asleep? This help to keep them safe from potential predators and allows them to breathe while sleeping.

Flying overhead are the pelicans

These birds paint the skies always in hordes, waiting for their perfect prey to come out of the sea. They love swimming – their feet are webbed, which helps them glide through the water easier.

Did you know? In Panama, there are 16 different species of marine birds; this is even more varied than in the United States and Canada.

Keep your eyes open to check all the different bird species!

Mysterious sting rays

Hidden in the sand is our peculiar friend, the sting rays. These guys are unique as they have no bones in their body – their skeleton is made of flexible cartilage (the bendy stuff that your ears and nose are made from!).

As elusive as they are, if you are lucky to see one, it will be a great find!

The curious one the Geoffroy’s Tamarin

Geoffroy’s tamarins are one of the tiniest monkey species of Panama. These curious animals live in groups; their diet is made of fruits, tree sap, flowers, and other small insects. They like to come down the trees and look closely at the people! This monkey is primarily found in countries like Colombia and Panama.

We usually find these little friends on our lake fishing tour.

The colorful macaws

If you are lucky enough when we embark on an island, you may find colorful macaws; keep your eyes open so you don’t miss their vibrant colors!

Also, once they reach breeding age at around 3 to 4 years old, macaws pick a partner and stay with them for life. They fly close to each other (almost touching).

Don’t miss the chance to see all these different animals on our tours. Wich one of those is your favorite? Ours is the humpback whale.

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