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Thinking of bringing your dogs to the beach?

Running around and jumping joyfully at the beach is one of our favorite things since we are kids, imagine how that feels for your dogs! The new smells, water everywhere, and sand to play around with are definitely things that they will enjoy.

If you are thinking of bringing your dogs to the beach, there are a few things you should take into account before you do so. It is important to plan your beach trip ahead of time so you don’t encounter unpleasant surprises. Fortunately, in Panama, there are no laws that forbid dogs from coming to the beach, but if you are in another country, you might want to check on that, since not all beaches are pet-friendly.

Long hours under the sun can quickly become a risk.

Of course, you don’t want your companion to suffer from heatstroke and/or dehydration, but at the beach, they become a real concern for your furry friend. Keep an eye out for panting, trouble breathing, or disorientation.

(If you are in a cold place, and the water is chilly or the visit happens during the winter, remember hypothermia can be a concern, especially with smaller dogs)

Do you know if your dogs can swim?

Many of them love to swim, however, not all breeds are as confident or they might not be capable of swimming at all. If you are not sure if your dog can swim, or you are afraid about how they might respond, it is better to put a Life Vest on your pet for safety.

Is your dog trained?

While you are at the beach, keep a close watch on your dog, some of them get over-excited by the new landscape and might disturb other beachgoers. If your dog is not trained, does not respond to voice commands, or if they have a tendency to chase other animals, it is better if you keep them on a leash. Bring a long leash so they can still move around but you can also control how far they go.

Be respectful

Don’t leave your dog’s waste at the beach, it would be an unpleasant surprise for others. And be careful of not letting your dog cross protected areas, it might take a negative impact on the environment for certain species.

What you should bring for your pet

  • A water bowl and freshwater. provide plenty of it to ensure you keep them hydrated.
  • An umbrella: Make sure you have some shade for you and your furry friend for when you need a break from the sun.
  • A blanket or towel: We all know and can get really really hot, a blanket or towel will give your dog a safe place for his paws when they need it, and it can be a good spot for a nap.
  • Sunscreen: Use dog-friendly sunscreen (dogs can get skin cancer too). Do not use people’s sunscreen, as it might contain harmful chemicals for your dog.
  • Toys: A beach trip is for fun, right? So don’t forget the frisbee, a ball, or fun toys for your dog.

Remember to wash your dog as soon as you get off the beach, and keep old towels in your car, so you can lay them down when he gets in.

Keep in mind that if you are taking a boat charter with your dogs, they may charge an extra fee to clean the dog hair afterward.

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