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What you need to know about snorkeling

Snorkeling is an opportunity to explore the mystical underwater world.

We know it can be a little intimidating if you have never tried it, but it is totally worth it. If you like adventure, this is the perfect way to become one with nature. Here is what you need to know before you dive in:

It’s ok if it takes time

We are not used to breathing through the mouth, so it might take you a little while to get comfortable with it.

DO NOT touch the coral.

Coral is a living organism that takes years to develop and grow. Don’t stand on them and make sure you are not kicking anything you shouldn’t be as you swim. Avoid standing on any rocks since what you perceive as a rock might turn out to be a vulnerable underwater organism. Corals are extremely sensitive; take care of them.

Weather conditions matter

Keep in mind that even if you check the weather before departure, as the hours go by, weather patterns may change. It is also a good idea to know beforehand when the tides go up or down.

Try not to put on chemicals.

Avoid putting on perfume, lotions, or other chemicals that might affect the ecosystem. This includes some sunscreens that might be harmful to coral reefs.

Be respectful of sea creatures or other marine life.

Some species are poisonous, dangerous, or may react defensively to your presence, posing danger of injury to you or themselves. It is not a good idea to disrupt them; watch them from a safe distance.

Don’t take anything home with you

This includes starfish, seashells, coral fragments (even if they appear dead), or sand. Even if it’s hard to believe, every single piece you see is a part of their ecosystem; when you take any of these elements, you might be robbing an animal of a home, food, building material, shelter, or disturbing their entire ecosystem.

Get a snorkeling buddy

Especially for beginners, a snorkeling buddy is safer since a friend can help if something goes wrong, and it also enriches the experience.

Be aware of your location

It may be easy to lose track of your location while you are fascinated by the underwater view. Make sure you come up for air to see what’s around you and to make sure the tides are not pulling you too far out to sea.

Safety equipment is recommended

It is better to use floatation devices like a life vest in case you get tired. Water noodles can also be fun for snorkeling in an informal setting.

Know your limits

If you don’t swim too often, you might get tired without noticing. Try not to overextend yourself; you can always take a break and come back.

These safety precautions are not to scare you from getting in the water, but you do have to be prepared to introduce yourself to this new environment. Trying something new always brings some anticipation and maybe a little fear. Just try to relax and enjoy the experience; it will be worth it to marvel at the undersea scenery.

Snorkeling in itself is more fun than dangerous; if you keep these tips in mind, you will be snorkeling safely in no time.

(We do not charge extra for snorkeling equipment, it is included in all our packages.)

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