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What you need to know to plan your beach trip

When planning a beach trip you need to ask yourself a few questions: Who are you going with? How much time do you have? What kind of experiences do you want?

You can create a plan that fits your needs based on the answers.

Research your destination

Just because the advertising shows an image of people surfing, doesn’t necessarily mean they offer surfing boards for rent. You should always research what the destination actually offers so you have a better idea of what you can do while there and plan activities accordingly.


Make copies of important documents and keep them separate from the originals, especially if you are traveling internationally. Always keep your ID with you and make sure is up to date.

When is the appropriate time to travel?

Turistic places have seasons of high traffic, try to avoid peak times, it will save you money and the places will be less crowded. But also keep in mind that going to a beach during the rainy season might not be the best idea if you just want to get a tan.


Set your budget and be realistic about it, keep coin value in mind and how this affects your budget.
Remember that cheap is not always good. Beware of the “cheapest flights, boat rides, or services”, Sometimes to make a profit while remaining “low cost”, businesses cut corners (buy cheap parts for their vehicles, get lower quality food, skip a few maintenance appointments, etc.) that might put you and your family at risk. Always check the reviews and scores of services on different platforms, if there are more complaints than good comments, be careful to book those services.

Pick your must-do

Depending on how much time you have, prioritize the things that are a “must” during your trip, there might be unexpected events that prevent you from enjoying every item on your list, so make sure you do the important ones first.

Take care of your health

Let the crew of your charter know if your family members suffer from any food allergies, restrictions, and/or special needs they might have so the crew can plan ahead and avoid possible hazards or inconveniences.

Bring medicines that you or your family might need with you (if you are traveling abroad you might not find the same brands).

Check the policies

Before booking, it is always a good idea to know about the charter’s policies: What happens if you need to cancel unexpectedly? Is there a refund policy? What are the possible additional charges? Knowing this will help you to make smart choices.


It is always important to bring snacks and fluids to the beach, even if you have a lunch plan, the beach is full of activities that might get you hungry earlier, and the sun can dehydrate you pretty fast. If you want to enjoy your trip without food worries, ask your charter company for catering services.

Sunscreen, lip balm, and aloe

For a pain-free trip, always remember to use sunblock and lip balm. If you do get sunburned apply aloe on the skin to get some freshness and hydration on your skin.

Take your trash with you

It is always responsible to bring a trash bag with you so you can pick up your trash. Please, never leave bottles, food wrappers, or any kind of waste at the beach.

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