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How to raise awareness about our oceans?

Our oceans are home to many ecosystems and species that are vital to our lives. Yet, daily, they struggle with the growing threat of plastic waste. Eight million objects are thrown into the water every day, and 45,000 pieces of plastic waste float in the sea on average per square mile (UN).

Raising awareness about our oceans is necessary; here’s how you can do it.

Take your carbon footprint seriously.

Our oceans are becoming more acidic due to increased carbon dioxide. This is contributing to coral loss on a global scale. Reduce your carbon footprint with these simple steps:

  • Use alternative means of transportation some days of the week, such as biking, walking, or public transportation, instead of driving a car.
  • Make sure you always turn off lights when you don’t need them.
  • Bundle up when it’s cold and open windows when it’s hot to reduce your use of electronics.

Support sustainable fishing 

Sustainable fishing consists of leaving enough fish in the water to avoid overfishing. This is to allow the stock to reproduce correctly.

Buying sustainably caught seafood is a great help as it comes from well-managed fisheries. You can refer to the Seafood Watch guide if you don’t know how to do this.

Research projects that involve the ocean

When voting in your country’s elections, elect public officials who support good ocean policies. Then, research the candidates and make an informed decision. You can also search online for environmental projects that collect support signatures.

Travel the ocean responsibly.

Remember never to dump waste into the ocean if you enjoy water sports such as paddle boarding or other water-based activities. This advice also applies if you plan to take cruises or boat trips. 


Become a volunteer

Volunteering for causes that help improve our oceans is one of the best ways we can raise awareness. Through volunteering, we can make noticeable changes. At the same time, we would inspire more people to join in and do the same.

Some examples of volunteering include garbage collection on beaches, plastic recycling, environmental education in schools, and donation campaigns.

Share the information

Teaching others about how we can care for the oceans is a simple and precious tool. Raising awareness is about helping others reflect on actions that have negative impacts. 

You will be doing important educational work by sharing essential information about caring for the oceans. 

You can use your social media to share positive videos, links, and texts about ways to help clean and conserve the oceans. 

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