Enjoy the GEM fishing experience

A perfect choice for all budgets, our power boats are ideal for fishing, spending a day at the beach and having a BBQ while enjoying a cold beer.

SIf what you want is to fish, we have all the professional fishing gear and expert crew in these seas; if, on the other hand you want a day at the beach on a paradise island, our boats are equipped with powerful sound systems and a lot of fun; and if you want to go with both options, go ahead! Just contact us, we’ll take care of the rest.

Discover the hidden GEMs at Panama

Our most chartered vessels

GEM Charters is ready to fulfill your request for any type of charter, on any size boat, ANY TIME! Our booking agents are ready to take your calls, and will tailor your next charter to your specifications and details.


Power boats 


Fishing yachts

Fountain Pajot 56’

Sailing charters


Events and corporate retreats

Enjoy the majestic viewing of humpback whales

From June to November, in the Panamanian Pacific waters numerous families of humpback whales can be spotted on its route from the North to the South poles. For this reason, coasts and archipelagos of Panama have become a famous tourist destination for visitors who want to witness this extraordinary spectacle of nature.

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