Weekend get away blog by our client Carmen

Welcome back to our blog, today we are featuring one of our clients, her name is Carmen and she runs an amazing weekend getaway blog, we will leave you some of the highlights of the article she wrote about her experience fishing in Panama but don’t hesitate to visit her page the link will be bellow.


Carmen went trough a whole research process to find the right company to choose:

“I finally booked our tour to go Fishing in Panama through them and ended choosing a company called Gem Charters which I recommend 100%.  I wish I would have had the website to go directly through them because they have more options that I was able to find in Fishing Booker, but now I know where to go directly to next time because you bet there is going to be the next time.”

To read more on how she decided on GEM and how it all went down click here.

Thank you Carmen for the excellent blog post, and hopefully we will have you on board again soon!

Enjoy this short video


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