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TOP 5 ISLANDS OF THE PEARL ISLANDS – Tour Pearl Islands Panama

When doing a tour Pearl Islands Panama, make sure to visit our top islands! The Pearl Islands Archipelago is composed of around 200 islands and islets of which more than half are unnamed. The group of islands stretches from North to South located 35 nautical miles from Panama City on a 120® course (southeast) comprised of warm clear tropical waters.

This Archipelago is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the East Pacific. While some islands are rugged with tall cliffs, others offer instant daydreaming white sand pristine beaches.

Here’s our captain selection of favorite islands to add to your bucket list while in Panama. You might as well go visit all of them on board with us! A tour to the Pearl Islands is not complete without checking a few of them:

Contadora Island:

This list must start with Contadora, even though it’s not the biggest island it is definitely considered the principal island of the Pearl Islands Archipelago. For instance, it has a paved landing strip, beautiful mansions in between the trees, several restaurants, and hotels as well as houses available for rentals. Rent a golf car and cruise along the different beaches.


View from Playa Galeón beach at Contadora island
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Chapera Island:

Located south of Contadora Island, the island has one of the most famous sand bars of the Pearls. It combines a gorgeous white sand beach, nice shaded trees and an amazing sand bottom deep enough for mega yachts anchorage. This is a great island to visit when on a tour to the Pearl Islands, as it offers calm seas and beautiful scenery.

Beautiful beach at Chapera island - Tour Pearl Island Panama
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Bartolome Island:

Named after Bartolome de Las Casas (Cristopher Colombus’ expedition navigator) this island is magical. It is, above all, easy to walk or swim around. It has 3 beautiful white sand beaches divided by a flat rock that turns into reef once it enters the crystal clear water.

Aerial view of Bartolomé at the Pearl Islands
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Playa Caracol:

Located on what can be considered the center of the Pearl Islands, this beautiful tidal sand bar has the softest sand of the Pearls. Deep waters encircle this sand bar making it easy to anchor any size boat. Due to its distance from The South islands its not as visited as the other islands and is therefore ideal for those lonely getaways. Playa Caracol is not an official name and, compared to the other islands shown in this article, don’t count on it appearing of navigation charts!

Playa Caracol at the Pearl Islands

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Also a tidal island a bit bigger than Playa Caracol, which means some rock formations on the surroundings famous for monster oysters so take limes when you visit this island (your captain will nonetheless make sure to have on board!) Above all, make sure you come on a low rising tide. This island actually has a little rocky formation that is the only formation that can be seen with high tide.

Tour at Boyarena island

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As we mentioned, the archipelago counts with close to 200 islands and islets. As a result, it would be impossible for us to make a full list of our favorites. Nonetheless, here are some other greats islands to check out: Viveros, Mogo Mogo, Chapera, Señora.

To sum up, you could spend months cruising around the archipelago and never get tired of it. Make sure to contact us to explore it! In the meantime, here’s a video you can watch to get a sense of the beauty that awaits you in your tour to the Pearl Islands in Panama: https://youtu.be/i69tfa1IN5o 

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    Posted at 16:56h, 11 October Reply

    Loved visiting the Pearl Islands with you, thank you GEM Charters! my favorite was definitely Playa Caracol, hope to do some snorkeling and island hopping next time I’m in Panama, will make sure to bring the kids!

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