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7 steps to face the fear of water

It’s safe to say that at some point in our lives, we’ve all experienced fear. Whether it’s water, heights, or bugs, it’s a difficult feeling to control.

One of the most common fears is the fear of water. Relax, don’t be alarmed; feeling anxious or nervous is normal. That’s why today we want to share with you 7 steps you can put into practice to overcome this fear.

1. Think of the benefits

Knowing how to swim and handle yourself in the water is a life-saving skill. Knowing how to minimize fear in the water is also crucial. Having the mindset that overcoming this fear will help you gain a very important skill will be motivating.

2. Small steps

It is unnecessary to jump straight into the water on the first day. You can start slowly with your feet and legs to familiarize yourself.

Move slowly until you have half of your body in the water. Move around, and feel the coolness and tranquility of the water. Wet your face a little when you feel comfortable walking.

3. Learn to float

The secret to being safe in the water is to float. Try lying on your back and holding onto a surface with two hands. Then try holding on with one hand. Once you feel comfortable enough, try floating on your own.


4. Remember that you are not alone

There is no set age or time to decide to overcome your fears. Today may be the day you overcome your fear of water.

5. Visualize the things you like best

To help you become more comfortable in the process, you can visualize the things you like most about being in the water. For example, how light your body feels, the ease of movement, the relaxation from the sound of the water, etc.

You can always find small details that make you feel calmer.

6. Feel the emotions

Sometimes overcoming a fear of water can be an emotional activity. You can feel these emotions and bring them down to a lower level. In the documentary Taking the Plunge, we can see that overcoming these fearful emotions does not have to be a difficult process.

7. Get ready to enjoy yourself

Say goodbye to the fear of water and hello to paradise. When you’ve overcome this fear, you’ll look forward to discovering amazing places like beaches or islands. You will find yourself planning your next boating vacation with paradisiacal destinations.

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