Client review GEM Charters – Taboga fishing tour by Carmen

Carmen, our client whose review of GEM Charters is featured in this blog

Welcome back to our blog, today we are featuring one of our clients, Carmen, with a client review of GEM Charters directly from her blog. Carmen runs an amazing weekend getaway blog, and we will leave you some of the highlights of the article she wrote about her experience. However,  don’t hesitate to visit her page as the link will be below and she gives great insights into the experience and about fishing in general.

Deciding which company to use

Carmen went trough a whole research process to find the right company to choose from. She mentions how tiring of a process it can be. She writes, for instance, “I have to admit that even when I’m from Panama which means that even when I don’t live in Panama I have “connections” because my friends and family are still back in Panama, I had the hardest time finding and deciding which Panama Fishing Charter to use. I did lots of research.  You know me. I spend hours doing research”.

Finally, Carmen decided to go with our services. Of her decision, she mentions the importance of reading a client review of GEM Charters in Viator, as well as other reviews online.

Her experience on board

In her blog, Carmen tells us about her experience on her Taboga island tour. She writes: “This price included a 28′ boat fully loaded with fishing gear, 2 crew members (who filleted our catch), a cooler full of beverage including beers, juice, Gatorade, and water. Also, the ability to plan our day as we wished, meaning that we were able to fish as much as we wanted but also go to Taboga Island to have lunch and chill a bit on the sand and walk around”.

After that, she mentions that “The other thing to consider is that you can fit up to 9 people besides the crew in the boat. So, the price is for the boat and the time, not per person. I liked that because I was able to invite some friends and family to spend the time with us, but at the same time, I was in control of the itinerary 100%”.

In addition, Carmen has some great kind words towards our Captain Miguel “He was awesome”, she writes, as she finishes her blog entry.

To read more on how she decided on GEM and how it all went down click here.

Thank you, Carmen, for the excellent blog post, and hopefully, we will have you on board again soon!

Enjoy this short video about her day:



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