Sailing Charters

Nurtured by the North Trade Winds, Panama takes advantage of the perpendicular wind direction and windward coastlines ensuring calm seas and fair winds. GEM Charters has a variety of sailboats ranging from monohull, sloops, ketch and catamarans. Sailing in Panama is very popular and exciting with two oceans offering 2 distinct coastlines and experiences.

The Pacific Coast of Panama is full of beautiful long stretching beaches full of palm trees, white sands and a plethora of beautiful vistas. This coastline is still undeveloped leaving the beaches oftentimes deserted and ready for exploration. The marvelous Pearls Islands archipelago paradise, with more than 140 islands, is ready to be the scene of your unforgettable holiday. This is also an ideal area for snorkeling, diving and fishing due the maritime richness of panamanian waters.

In the Caribbean coast you’ll find the San Blas Archipelago, also known by its original indigenous name of Kuna Yala, which is one of the most spectacular destinations at Panama. With close to 300 tiny islands, San Blas is a favorite for sailors from all over the world. With crystal clear blue waters and picture perfect island views, Kuna Yala is a great vacation place for the entire family or a couple looking for a great way to spend part of their Panamanian adventure.


GEM Charters is ready to fulfill your request for any type of charter, on any size boat, ANY TIME! Our booking agents are ready to take your calls, and will tailor your next charter to your specifications and details.

Fountain Pajot 56’

Hunter 45’

Galeón 95’

Nautitech 44’

Gulfstar 44’

Jeannau 34’

Catamaran Sunreef 60’