Fishing Yachts

Piñas Bay, the Tuna Coast and Hannibal Bank are synonymous with high quality fishing. Off the coast of Panama, located within 200 miles from Panama City, these fruitful fishing grounds are accessible year round for various big game fish. GEM Charters has a fleet of different sized fishing boats available around all Panama fishing hot spots, for 4 or 8 hour excursions and multiple day trips.


Fishing charters to Piñas Bay are the most popular for big game fishing. Fishermen from all over the world come to this hot spot to catch Marlin, Sailfish, Mahi – Mahi, Tuna and many other large game fish. Embark on a multiple day fishing trip on one of our luxury fishing yachts, and enjoy full days of non-stop big game fishing.

On the other hand, the Pearl Islands, about 35 nautical miles from Panama City, offers a splendid fishing experience of all types and sizes of species. In Gem, our captains are experts in all kinds of techniques, from trolling to bottom fishing, jigging, spear fishing, or wherever style you want to try.


Furthermore, our experience allows us to know the best fishing spots of the Panamanian seas: come and see for yourself! Contact GEM Charters and let us help you plan your next adventure.


GEM Charters is ready to fulfill your request for any type of charter, on any size boat, ANY TIME! Our booking agents are ready to take your calls, and will tailor your next charter to your specifications and details.


Bertram 60’

Powercat 43’

Cheoylee 92’

Merritt 43’

Buddy Davis 48’

Hatteras 60’

Robalo 26’